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You can have your cake and eat it too!

Written by: Samantha Pickens 04/17/18

Really, you can. But, does it HAVE to be a cake? That's the real question. As you prepare for the wedding of your dreams (engaged or not... a girl can dream) I have a serious topic for you to think about... Dessert!

Not too long ago, the only sensible dessert during a wedding reception would be none other than the 3 tier white frosted w

edding cake, generic bride and groom of course standing on top. Fast forward to 2018, and we have seen many replacements from a generic cake with many other awesome ideas. For the record, I have also seen some AWESOME 3 tier wedding cakes - so don't let me persuade you to step away from that if that's what your heart desires. PRO TIP: if you do decide on a traditional cake - make sure you also pick out a wedding cake knife.. its quite impossible to cut your cake without one. A lot of weddings recently have switched to a traditional top layer of cake for just bride and groom to share (and take home for 1st anniversary) with the following ideas to go with it for guests!


I thought this was the sweetest idea. Dessert and wedding favor all in one. This station had it all - chocolate covered oreos, gummy bears, mints, popcorn balls, macaroons, chocolate bars, jumbo gum balls etc. They had really cute to go bags with the wedding date and a saying on it - and guests were encouraged to grab enough for their hotel room late night snack as well. It is recommended that you have someone at your venue be in charge of manning this station if you do not have someone from catering doing it for you already. This will help people move along and grab what they want and not create long lines.


Who doesn't love a good donut... or three? Use cake tier platters to give the table dimension and stack up powdered, chocolate, sprinkled, cinammon, and other gourmet donuts for guest.


Still in love with the vintage country wedding? Us too... and there is nothing cooler than a smores bar for the guests. You can use a warming tray to put pre-melted chocolate next to the marshmallows and graham crackers or even go as far as having a chocolate fountain to dip them in at the end of the table.


Key lime, apple, cheesecake, chocolate, strawberry. An assortment of personal pies lets everyone get exactly what they love. Ordering these in small aluminum or tin dishes allows for easy clean up and choosing of the pie at the table and decreases wait times for guests.


Yea, you read that right. Wish I would have thought of this one. Have the caterer pre-scoop vanilla or chocolate into bowls at the beginning of the station. Fill the station with trays of different syrup (fudge, strawberry, butterscotch, peanut butter) and sundae toppings. By using large wide mouth glass vases, and tongs you can help create a very festive look with all of the different topping colors and textures throughout the table.


Whether its a cascade of cupcakes off of the bride and grooms small wedding cake or a set up all by itself - gourmet cupcakes are a crowd pleaser! Remember to vary your cupcake options with vanilla, chocolate, and other flavors some with or without filling. Small name place cards can be used to stand up in front of each section to give a quick summary of the options and what is what!

Honestly, I could go on and on about awesome wedding desserts I have seen the past year - the point I am trying to make is DO WHATEVER MAKES YOU SMILE! Dessert should always be happy, if you absolutely love something don't be afraid to show a little bit of your personality the day of your wedding during the traditional cake cutting time for guests. They'll appreciate it whether its in the cake topper, the way you smash that first piece of cake in the grooms face, or because you served them chocolate covered oreos.

Pie bar at the Floridian Manor Estate. Picture courtesy of Hidi Stephens Photography