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Day-of Coordinator... Do I need one?

"My venue gave me a day of contact" and "My Aunt is willing to help so, I think I'll be alright" are the top rebuttals when we ask brides why they didn't get a day of coordinator or an event planner.

I know, I know... we are event planners so of course we are going to tell you that you need one but just hear us out.

For starters, you need that ONE person that can make the most important day of your life go perfectly. This seemingly magic, nerve-calming individual can make your wedding, which let’s face it, is a bit stressful, flow without a hitch.

Referred to by many titles such as day-of coordinator, wedding planner etc. is better described as the person that is a professional with thick skin that understands the emotions, stresses and personalities that come into play when planning such an important event.

Now let's consider having a close friend or family member as your “day of coordinator” for a moment… this individual is probably not seasoned with experience with planning or orchestrating a flawlessly smooth wedding day, right? That friend/family member is not going to respond well to you getting upset when the smallest or largest of details go awry because their feelings will be hurt when you express disappointment in something they felt they had no control over.

Let’s now consider you hired a professional to coordinate your perfect day… they will be able to predict and eradicate problems before they even exist. The wedding coordinator will give you the peace of mind that all the details will come together just as you had always envisioned. Plus, you won’t be stressed because the coordinator won’t even bring the issue to your attention unless it is absolutely necessary.

So, "What will the coordinator do for me?" you ask... Here is a little taste of what you can expect:

· Constructs a timeline that will create an event that appears to flow effortlessly.

· Confirms/organizes vendors so that everyone knows exactly where to be and when to be there, as vendors often book multiple events in a weekend.

· Seems to effortlessly bounce between the happy couple, their parents (of course), the photographer, DJ, catering/venue staff, and of course your guests as they have plenty questions of their own.

· Put out the unexpected fires that WILL occur on the wedding day regardless of how well executed.

· Conducts a fun, smooth, efficient wedding rehearsal so that you can spend time with your family and friends that have just come into town for your special day.

· Assists the bride and wedding party with dressing and photo schedules.

· Guiding the bridal party through the processional and recessional.

· Checking details such as head count for caterer, number of place settings, and placement of favors and menus.

· Checking the floor plan, cake placement and DJ/Band setup.

· Cueing all vendors to keep the entire day running smoothly.

· Collects gifts and personal items.

Now here is a taste of what you won’t expect, but your professional coordinator will:

· Kindly ask the wedding crashers that show up at the bar that they need to leave, promptly.

· Call the rental company to get the missing tux shirt that one of your groomsman left 3 states away.

· Has the band play instrumentals until the lead singer arrives because they are running late due to heavy traffic.

· Steps out in the middle of the street to stop traffic so that the photographer can get that perfect picture.

· Kindly asks you to HOLD ON and don’t cut that cake because the mother of the bride has made a trip to the restroom.

· Ensures that the lights in the reception hall aren’t too bright to create that perfect ambience.

· Is always the last one to leave, tending to everything left behind by the well minded bridal party.

Of course, these are just a few of the many, many details your professional coordinator will provide depending on the level of service you feel you need. Now you tell me... Hire a coordinator or not?

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